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All Day Safety

All Day Safety Services
Complete Safety Services.
We will provide a worthwhile safety service that will make a difference and demonstrate your companies approach and support for prudent health and safety, for example:

  • All Health and Safety documentation (as required).
  • Detailed risk assessments
  • Detailed method statements
  • Detailed work place safety inspections.
  • Company representation at meetings etc
  • CDM Compliance
  • Accident investigations and Reporting
  • Safety Training arrangements

    This will be achieved initially by setting up a comprehensive set of health and safety documents that will reflect your companies specialist activities and identify how you will meet our legal and moral requirements.

    If your organisation already has a set of safety documents, we will review these thoroughly on your behalf and comment as appropriate. Those documents that are still appropriate will remain and the safety advisors will familiarise themselves of their content and application thus eliminating the need to introduce new documents to you staff.

    One of our competent health and safety advisors will meet with your senior management to establish exactly the documentation that your company will need and develop it in accordance with current health and safety legislation and industry best practice.

    An outline summary identifying your company's key areas of risk and exposure will be the initial basis that the safety documentation and procedures will address.

    A typical set of documents would include the following:
    • Company Safety Policy (including)
      • Policy Statement
      • Environmental policy statement
      • Hazard Management Structure
      • Health and Safety
      • Organisational arrangements
      • Individual responsibilities
      • Company safety rules
    • Risk assessments in practice
    • COSHH assessments in practice
    • Task method statements
    • Work hazard check lists
    • Emergency action procedures (including)
      • Accident reporting
      • Incident reporting
      • Premises fire action plan
    • CDM compliance

    Your appointed safety advisor will deal with all your health and safety needs both when on site, form the office or over the phone. Your safety advisor will represent your company as a direct long-term employee.

    With the exception of either holidays or sickness or vast geographical changes in work areas. You will have the same safety advisor at all times, by arranging this your safety advisor will be familiar with your systems, your working methods, your manager and operatives also your Clients will become familiar with your safety advisor.

    The safety advisor will ensure that those people who will need to fully implement the safety requirements have a full understanding of each requirement, responsibility and best method of successful implementation.

    We will ensure that once agreed the effective health and safety procedures are complied with, I will be advised immediately of any shortcomings or failing to comply with legal requirements, we shall endeavour to rectify these situations. I shall report all unacceptable situations that repeat themselves or situations that were unable to be rectified to your Director; we will not permit those responsible for health and safety to be both exposed and unaware.

    This summary of service is backed by a comprehensive library resource, Accreditations to Iip and QA ISO9001, a team of experienced and competent health and safety professionals and a telephone hotline during all hours ensuring a service that can be relied on.